Traditional equine auction facilities involve stressful and often dangerous transport, followed by trauma from the environment and exposure to serious life threatening illnesses for the horses. Kill buyers frequent these auctions and thrive because of them, putting the horse at risk of shipping to slaughter.

Horses Of New Holland (HONH) understands the many reasons behind horses going to auctions. Often it's due to difficult and unforeseen circumstances the owners have faced, which can leave few options for finding their horse a new home.

The purpose of this website is to help horses, and in turn, help the buyers and sellers. Sellers will be able to find a buyer in under a week, while keeping their horse safely and inexpensively at home. Buyers will be able to see horses all over the country from their own computer or cell phone, prepare for buying and transporting properly without the stressful time crunch, and bring their new horse directly home if they choose.

Peace of mind on both ends can be achieved, and the horse wins in the end. HONH recognizes that the traditional method is outdated, counterproductive and high risk for buyers, sellers and horses. We feel this website offers the solution and will make great improvements by offering this service to save time, money and lives. Win. Win. Win.

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